Peugeot introducing Partner Tepee Electrical in Geneva

Peugeot will introduce a Peugeot Partner Tepee Electric in the 2017 Geneva Motor Show in a few days. It will go on this marketplace in September. Designed according to the Peugeot Partner Tepee activity car with an internal combustion engine, the new Partner Tepee Power borrows the electric electrical power chain from the Peugeot Partner […]


Peugeot will introduce a Peugeot Partner Tepee Electric in the 2017 Geneva Motor Show in a few days. It will go on this marketplace in September.

Designed according to the Peugeot Partner Tepee activity car with an internal combustion engine, the new Partner Tepee Power borrows the electric electrical power chain from the Peugeot Partner Electric van, thouroughly tested since 2013.

The utility motorhigh-performing, compact, synchronous with long-term magnets, 49?kW (67?hp)/200?Nmis situated under the bonnet.

The a couple lithium-ion battery packs, with high energy density and a 22.5-kWh capacity, are located in your underframe at either side with the rear suspension. This kind of location lowers the particular centre of gravitational forces for dynamic cruising and good manoeuvrability from the new Peugeot Partner Tepee Utility. It also preserves your liveability of the Partner Tepee, along with its reference boot amount.

The electric motor, with instantly available torque, is usually paired with single tempo constant ratio signal. It offers dynamic, adaptive driving as soon as this starts, all the way through every last phase of acceleration. All without transforming gearsor an automatic gearbox can be added.

To adapt to day to day needs, the Peugeot Significant other Tepee Electric offers to power charging modes:

– a typical charge on a conventional domestic outlet (8-A or even 10-A, depending on the country) as well as secured Green Upwards charge (14-A). That means an entire recharge (from a battery) takes 7 and a half, 12 and also 15 hours depending on outlet amperage.

– a rapid demand that meets the CHAdeMO (95-A) ordinary recovers 80% of battery pack capacity in 40?minutes.

The regular receiving flap is located on the right front fender, while the rapid-charge store takes the place of the vehicle’s gas tank flap on the left butt fender.

Recommended service providers in the Peugeot multilevel offer solutions for installing an outlet with an individual home or even collective building, maybe a business.

The new Peugeot Mate Tepee Electric has a 170-km (105 miles) range to the New European Generating Cycle, and combines a set of features for you to optimize the range during real-life usage:

–?The remarkably visible, combined strength consumption/regeneration indicator helps the motorist constantly work to embrace low-energy driving;

– An auxiliary consumption gauge (warm and air-conditioning) fills out the trucker information display. This on-board computer displays remaining range and suggest consumption in kWh;

– The particular double energy healing in the deceleration phase as well as active braking cycle converts kinetic energy into electric energy. Vehicle assortment in the driving point is thus better preserved;

–?100% electric-origin heating gives you fast heating in the passenger compartment. Additionally, it features an Eco setting to prevent overconsumption of electricity through the ventilation process to promote vehicle vary.

For even more peace of mind and luxury during your trips, the modern Peugeot Partner Tepee Electric gives you features remotely managed from a smartphone as well as tablet:

– Programme the temperature or air conditioning within the passenger compartment;
– Start to see the battery charge;
– Quote the duration of a recharge.

The new Peugeot Spouse Tepee Electric offers a massive amount of useful and effective products to guarantee safety and earn both driving as well as life easier day-to-day.

Comfortable and ergonomic, the actual passenger compartment presents 78?litres associated with open or finished storage space.

The cruise control, the direct steering wheel pressure monitor, the actual electronic stability deal with (ESC) paired with the hill-start support, the manual climate control, the radio and Compact disk and MP3 players, the 2 main sliding side entrance doors, and the height-adjustable drivers seat can be bought as standard.

The preventing camera, available just as one option, uses the large colour screen to be able to simplify parking each day. To make low-speed manoeuvring even easier, the trunk parking assistance offered as standard about the second level might be complemented by prominent parking assistance.

In touch with the present day, the fresh Peugeot Partner Tepee Electric options an integrated large, seven-inch colouring touch screen in the middle of a dashboard, always in view and arms attain. Available as common for the second place, it allows the generate to access various benefits: the on-board computer, AM/FM stereo, digital DAB (Online Audio Broadcasting) as being an option, reading connected with music files in mobile devices, hands-free telephone, and also navigation.

It also includes the best of on-board connectivity: Bluetooth?, Browse port, jack select, and the MirrorScreen function. From the smartphone compatible with Mirrorlink? or maybe Apple Carplay?, the MirrorScreen let’s users duplicate the best of their mobile applications about the large touch screen while in the vehicle, so they can easily and fully like them.

Navigation, available being an option, includes speed limit and traffic data display.

The new Peugeot Mate Tepee Electric also provides worry-free servicing at about 30% less than an interior combustion vehicle:

– It has the traction battery is guaranteed for 8-10 years or Hundred,000?km, and it is electric power chain is usually guaranteed for several years or 50,A thousand?km, whichever is available first;

– Maintenance, each and every two years or Thirty,000?km following the first year, does not require fat, a belt, or even liquid coolant.

– With no gear box or clutch, one can find fewer components to check.

– With the double vitality recovery through deceleration along with braking, the brakes are used less, in addition to wear out less quickly.

With the Peugeot Partner Tepee Electric leisure activity auto the brand is more filling out its number of electric mobility products and services, which includes:

– the Peugeot iOn city car;
– the particular Peugeot Partner Electric suv;
– the new Peugeot GenZe (Generation Nil emission) electric motor-scooter;
– many different electric-assist bicycles for every affliction: road, hybrid, along with mountain bikes, with new products including the 2017 eF01, the first electric-assist flip bike from Peugeot, as well as Eu01, for riding for 45?km/h;
– the Peugeot e-Kick electric-assist motorcycle, from a partnership utilizing MICRO.

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